Homeowners may experience some issues after their '21 Day' Warranty Appointment. These are often best addressed after a home has been allowed to ‘settle in’ for a year.

Please use the '11 Month Service Appointment' form to keep an on-going list of issues that you would like us to address at the 11 Month Appointment with our Service Technician. Our Service Department will be contacting Homeowners prior to your 11 month anniversary to schedule this appointment. Please forward your '11 Month Service Appointment' Form at least one week prior to your service appointment date.

During the first year there are items such as nail pops and settlement cracks in drywall, which may occur in various areas throughout the house. As a courtesy, Honeyfield Homes will send a work order to our drywall trade partner to repair these items once only. The repairs will not be sanded or painted. Therefore, should you wish this repair work to be done,
please indicate this on your '11 Month Warranty Form'.